Gentlemen’s Singles Predictions

We’re unanimous regarding Andy Murray’s and Novak Djokovic’s matches, and all in agreement on Roger Federer avenging his loss to Milos Raonic at last year’s Wimbledon, making the Gilles Müller-Marin Cilic the most important match yet to be played. Enjoy the matches! (My tip: listen to Wimbledon Radio at your desk if you don’t have the day off work!)

For download: Wimbledon-2017-Gentlemen’s-Quarter-finals-predictions.pdf

Below is a full picture of everyone’s Quarter-finals predictions, and the interim standings after the Ladies’ play Wednesday.

Match Picks Average # of Sets
MUG 3 KUZ 1 2.75
RYB 2 VDW 2 2.75
WIL 3 OST 1 3.00
KON 1 HAL 3 2.50
MUR 4 QUE 0 4.00
MUL 1 CIL 3 4.50
RAO 0 FED 4 4.25
BER 0 DJO 4 4.00
Standings after Ladies’ Quarter-finals
1 Michael Poplawski 42
2 Petr Havlik 28
3 Eva Kafkova 26
4 Serene Ford 6

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