Women’s Semifinals: USA, Canada Win Easily

February 19, 2018

It will be Canada versus the United States in the gold-medal game of Olympic women’s hockey on Thursday in Pyeongchang, South Korea (Wednesday at 8 p.m. PT in Canada).

img-soohorang-ice-hockeyFor download: Olympic Ice Hockey Prediction Challenge! 2018 Women’s Semifinals.pdf

Games completed Monday (Korea Time):

All players had game winner correct
No players had game score correct

All players had game winner correct
No players had game score correct

Michael is our leader after the first round of five in our game, coming closest to the 5-0 results in both semifinals.

Women’s Semifinals
1 Michael Poplawski 88
2 John Lo 84
3 Petr Havlik 80
Wes Zetaruk 80



Men’s Quarterfinals Prediction Form is available

February 19, 2018

img-soohorang-ice-hockeyThe Prediction Form for the Men’s Quarterfinals round is now available and will be updated as all quarterfinalists are determined. Please submit your predictions before the deadline shown on the form. Good luck!




Olympic Ice Hockey Prediction Challenge! Women’s Semifinals Predictions

February 18, 2018

img-soohorang-ice-hockeyWelcome to the Olympic Ice Hockey Prediction Challenge! for PyeongChang 2018!

With 4 players, we’ll be playing for prizes of $30 for first place and $10 for second place (third place will have to imagine they won bronze).

The first round of the game features matchups already seen in Women’s Preliminary Round. We are unanimous in our belief that the teams victorious previously will once again come out on top the second time around, giving hockey fans another Canada-USA Gold Medal Game.

Enjoy the hockey, and good luck!

For download: Olympic Ice Hockey Prediction Challenge! 2018 Women’s Semifinals Predictions.pdf



Olympic Ice Hockey Prediction Challenge! Your Invitation

February 16, 2018


For fans of hockey and the Olympic Games, Prediction Challenges! offers an exciting game for following both Ice Hockey competitions at PyeongChang 2018!

The game will take place over five rounds: the Women’s Semifinals and Gold Medal Game, as well as the Men’s Quarterfinal, Semifinal and Gold Medal rounds. (At Sochi 2014, the Prediction Challenge! game was played with only the Men’s tournament; see the results here.)

Like all Prediction Challenge! games, cost is $10, fully redistributed to players as prizes, with predictions are submitted before each of the five rounds. Throughout the tournament, updates are posted on the Prediction Challenges! web site and daily e-mail updates are circulated to players.

Please join us!

Entry Form | Full Rules

2018 Ice Hockey

Matchday 7 – First Legs: City, Tottenham, Liverpool Shine Away From Home, Madrid Strong

February 15, 2018

Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid celebrates after scoring the 2nd Real Madrid goal during the team’s 3-1 win over Paris Saint-Germain on Wednesday. (Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno)

For download: UEFA Champions League Prediction Challenge! 2017-18 Round of 16 Matchday 7 (1).pdf

1 Casey Farrell 99
2 Pedro Oliveira 87
3 Doug Wansbrough 82
4 Evan Howatson 72
5 Wes Zetaruk 71
6 John Woycheshin 68
7 Kay Otani 63
8 Michael Poplawski 61
9 Joel Palmer 59
10 Steffen Warias 56
11 John Lo 42
Round of 16
1 Casey Farrell 51
2 Doug Wansbrough 50
3 John Woycheshin 36
4 Pedro Oliveira 35
5 Evan Howatson 34
6 Wes Zetaruk 33
Kay Otani 33
8 Michael Poplawski 31
Joel Palmer 31
10 Steffen Warias 30
11 John Lo 22

UEFA Champions League

Round of 16 Predictions

February 13, 2018

UEFA Champions League

For download: UEFA Champions League Prediction Challenge! 2017-18 Round of 16 Predictions.pdf

Manchester City and Bayern Munich are the only two clubs unanimously picked to advance to the next round.

John Lo is picking Porto to top Liverpool, Evan is pulling for Chelsea to edge past Barcelona, while our leader, Pedro, wants to see Sevilla top Manchester United. John Woycheshin, Casey and Evan have picked Shakhtar to top Roma.

The feature matchup this round is between 2017 finalist Juventus and Tottenham Hotspur, with five players picking Juventus and six backing Tottenham Hotspur.

Nine players have also picked PSG to knock out the 2017 champion Real Madrid.

Good luck, everyone, and enjoy the games!



Round of 16 Prediction Form is now available

February 7, 2018

UEFA Champions League

Round of 16 Prediction Form

The Round of 16 begins with games on February 13; predictions are due by the end of Monday, February 12 (23:00 Pacific Time).

Please remember that you are predicting aggregate winners and scores.

Good luck!

Foles Leads Eagles to Shootout Win over Brady’s Patriots, Final Results

February 4, 2018

Nick Foles celebrates the Philadelphia Eagles’ Super Bowl victory, a 41-33 thriller over the New England Patriots. (Frank Franklin II/The Associated Press)

Congratulations to Shaun on his first Prediction Challenge! win! Kelly had the best Super Bowl round, earning him second place overall, while John Woycheshin and John Lo earned the remaining prize spots.

Thanks to everyone who played along!

For download: 2018 NFL Playoffs Prediction Challenge!.pdf

1 Shaun Johnson 214 $45.00
2 Kelly Chaplin 201 $22.50
3 John Woycheshin 169 $13.50
4 John Lo 151 $9.00
5 John Eastaugh 140
6 Michael Poplawski 128
7 Wes Zetaruk 123
8 Sheryl Johnson 118
9 Petr Havlik 88
Super Bowl
1 Kelly Chaplin 85
2 Shaun Johnson 80
John Lo 80
4 John Eastaugh 75
5 John Woycheshin 65
6 Michael Poplawski 0
Wes Zetaruk 0
Petr Havlik 0
Sheryl Johnson 0
Conference Championships
1 Shaun Johnson 58
2 Michael Poplawski 56
3 Kelly Chaplin 46
4 John Woycheshin 44
5 Wes Zetaruk 32
6 John Eastaugh 28
John Lo 28
Petr Havlik 28
9 Sheryl Johnson 6
Divisional Playoffs
1 Kelly Chaplin 55
2 Sheryl Johnson 41
Shaun Johnson 41
4 Wes Zetaruk 40
5 John Eastaugh 17
6 Michael Poplawski 16
John Woycheshin 16
8 John Lo 13
9 Petr Havlik 12
Wild Card Games
1 Sheryl Johnson 71
2 Michael Poplawski 56
3 Wes Zetaruk 51
4 Petr Havlik 48
5 John Woycheshin 44
6 Shaun Johnson 35
7 John Lo 30
8 John Eastaugh 20
9 Kelly Chaplin 15

Super Bowl Predictions

February 4, 2018

super bowl logoThe Philadelphia Eagles are our favourite to win Super Bowl LII in Minnesota today.

Enjoy the game!

For download: 2018 NFL Playoffs Prediction Challenge! Super Bowl Predictions.pdf

Standings through Conference Championships   Super Bowl Prediction
1 Shaun Johnson 134 $45.00 PHI by 4
2 Michael Poplawski 128 $22.50 NE by 10
3 Wes Zetaruk 123 $13.50 NE by 5
4 Sheryl Johnson 118 $9.00 NE by 6
5 Kelly Chaplin 116 PHI by 5
6 John Woycheshin 104 PHI by 1
7 Petr Havlik 88 NE by 21
8 John Lo 71 PHI by 4
9 John Eastaugh 65 PHI by 3


Super Bowl Prediction Form now available

February 2, 2018

NFL PlayoffsThe Super Bowl Prediction Form is now available; please submit your entry by 10 AM on Super Bowl Sunday.

Good luck!